Industrial crystallization process development and particle size engineering.

Many of the drug substances and intermediates are isolated as crystalline solids. The solid-state properties have a significant impact on the performance of the final product.

To achieve controlled production of the desired crystalline candidates, Minakem has set up a team of experienced solid-state scientists working closely together to develop reliable and robust industrial crystallization processes.

Our  main missions :

  • Identify and characterise the most suitable candidate crystalline form and morphology
  • Develop a robust and scalable crystallization process: easy to implement from lab to production scale with suitable filtration properties to ensure the required quality attributes of the final product
  • Control the particle size distribution within requested specifications

List of services

  • Polymorph (solvate/hydrate) ; salt; cocrystal study: Screening, characterisation, thermodynamic stability study and control…
  • Isomer separation: e. chiral resolution via diastereomeric salt formation, entrainment…
  • Scalable crystallisation process development: Solubility study, phase diagram investigation…
  • Filtration & drying study: Specific cake resistance determination, compressibility assessment…
  • Particle size reduction and control: Dry and wet milling, micronisation…

Our customers have full access to the state-of-the-art laboratory that is fully equipped with:

  • X-Ray Powder diffractometer: Bruker, D8 Advance
  • Particle size analyser: Malvern Mastersizer 3000 (wet and dry way)
  • Focus Beam Reflectance Measurement: Lasentec FBRM probe
  • Optical Microscopy
  • Outsourced: GVS (DVS); Crystal Structure (SC-XRD); SEM…

Our team of experts have developed long experience and know-how in crystallisation by working closely with our manufacturing facilities and dealing with the reality of process troubleshooting and optimization of industrial crystallization process. We are continuing to focus on innovation in an industrial environment.