Our engineers and scientists are recruited from among the best internationally renowned universities and prestigious courses. The multitude of expertise is a real asset in the team.

The importance given to collaboration with universities allows us to stay abreast of the technologies and new methods.

Our team regularly publishes its work in the scientific community.

We are fortunate to have our multi-disciplinary R&D team based close to the production facilities i.e. solid form, chemical process engineering, process safety, QBD, and a pilot workshop.

Within the R&D team, we find a whole range of know-how: installation design, security to develop new processes. Thus everything can be done in real time during the study of the project with a real consciousness/awareness of the capabilities of the industrial equipment.

Being part of the Minafin group provides access to a true internal scientific network. The purpose is to be able to interact very quickly, everyone bringing different view, expertise and know how.

Key Technologies

  1. Reaction under extreme temperature conditions
  2. Hydrogenation and reactions under pressure in a dedicated workshop
  3. Cyanidation
  4. Chiral chemistry
  5. Chemical reduction and oxidations
  6. Hazardous chemistry
  7. Continuous Flow Chemistry
  8. Multi-steps synthesis
  9. High containment capability down to OEB class 6
  10. Industrial preparative HPLC
  11. Solid State characterisation, Particle size management, Micronization