What are the challenges the Covid-19 crisis has revealed for the Pharma Industry?

Chemicals Knowledge Hub TV – Thierry Durand, Managing Director Minakem

Questions addressed to Minakem during the COVID1 Sanitary crisis lockdown:

  1. What are the challenges the crisis has revealed for the pharma industry (starting 00’54”)
  2. Do you think, afterward, after the crisis, as an industry, we need to change our sourcing strategy and source locally? (starting 2’52”)
  3. How do you think a company like Minakem can contribute better to human health (starting 6’23”)
  4.  How can the time to market be accelerated without increasing costs? (starting 8’10”)
  5. Are there any new technologies important to the development of companies like Minakem (starting at 10’00”)


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