A bold move to handle HPAPIs


Amadeo Ferreira, R&D Manager at Minakem, explains the design of its new manufacturing plant in Belgium featuring a containment strategy that protects both the product and the staff […]

[…] “Minakem designed a state-of-the-art laboratory, paying close attention to how best to remain flexible,” Ferreira says. “As an organic chemist, it is important for Minakem to support its customers in multi-step synthesis with all the complexities involved in processes, new technologies and analysis while offering a containment level below 0. 1µg/m3”

Risk management was the key priority during the lab design phase. According to Ferreira, to assess containment in a lab environment, Minakem evaluated two approaches.

“A conservative approach would entail fitting lab suites with glove boxes where every chemical step would be conducted inside the air-tight chamber,” Ferreira says, adding that glove boxes are very well suited for high-risk environments”. […]

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  • By Murielle Gonzalez
  • CleanRoom Technology
  • 3-Jan-2019

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