Beuvry-la-Forêt (FR), development of APIs & GMP manufacturing

Our development, scale-up and launch facility. Head office of Minakem Beuvry Production, Minakem Recherche and Minasolve


  • R&D Centre of Excellence with 39 Scientists, 20 PhD & Engineers
  • QC support: 17 people
  • 120 m³ of reaction capacity
  • Kilo-Lab and Small-Scale Manufacturing, high agility and flexibility

Core Capabilities

  • cGMP custom synthesis from kilo-lab to multi-ton scale
  • Complex Multi-step API process development, manufacturing and analytical development
  • Industrialization from feasibility to commercial scale
  • Process Continuous Improvement
  • Hydrogenation
  • Chlorination
  • Bromination
  • Cyanidation
  • Lithiation
  • Boronic acids
  • Carboxylation
  • Chiral synthesis
  • Cryo technology (-80°C)
  • Process chemistry laboratory
  • Regulatory filing in the US, EU and Japan

Compliance Approvals

  • FDA (USA) – 2016
  • ANSM (France) – 2018
  • PMDA (Japan) – 2016

Facility Legacy

Minakem Beuvry-la-Forêt is a Global Fine Chemical manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry. Minakem Beuvry-la-Forêt is a cGMP manufacturer of APIs, advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, regulatory starting materials and building blocks. Minakem Beuvry-la-Forêt is specialized in the design of synthetic routes and development processes for new products from laboratory to commercial scale with equipment and chemical technologies that are particularly suitable for multistep synthesis.

Minakem Beuvry-la-Forêt brings over 40 years of experience and expertise in fine organic and pharmaceutical chemistry, technology, project management and registration processes to Minakem’s full-service CDMO platform.


  • 1952:     Company’s foundation by Mr. Claude Dufour in the western suburb of Paris (Boulogne under the name of «Laboratoires du Bois de Boulogne» and renamed the company SEAC.
  • 1962:     SEAC moves its industrial operations to its current location, Beuvry-la-Forêt, near Lille in the north of France (industrial chemical site created in 1928).
  • 1989:     SEAC was acquired by CFPI Nufarm.
  • 2005:     Minafin acquires all assets related to the custom synthesis, including the R&D laboratories, pilot plant and manufacturing resources from SEAC. Operating under the name of Minakem.
  • 2006: increase bromination capacity with the installation of a new reactor.

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