HPAPI Summit 2019, Waltham, MA

Minakem improving HPAPI projects turnaround.

The increasing pressure on development to market timelines, especially on a fast track designated products, requires a CDMO high flexibility and responsiveness, quick decision making, rapid resources and assets access time, implementation of robust supply chains to finally assure right first time the shortest possible project turnaround. All this without compromising of course on quality and safety while operating in a high containment environment, which is adding a further level of complexity.

In order to achieve all this we believe key factors are extended and highly skilled process R&D and analytical development resources, the possibility to consolidate supply chains using internal plants network, multi-scale assets to manage HPAPI projects from early clinical phases to full life cycle, extremely strong expertise in high containment and a flat and high responsiveness organization.

Claudio Salvagnini, High Potent Market Director for MINAKEM, will illustrate at HPAPI conference in Waltham,  on Friday, Jun 21, 12:20 pm how Minakem translates these concepts into effective ways of working to successfully support clients’ in bringing to the market innovative therapeutics as fast as possible.


About HPAPI Summit

In the context of ever-increasing drug potency, the 8th Annual HPAPI Summit is devoted to providing the insights required to improve the efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness of HPAPI production.
This meeting will bring together perspectives from process engineers, EHS and industrial hygiene leaders to break down communication barriers and build a harmonized approach that will increase safety and effectiveness at every stage of development.
Focusing specifically on the unique challenges involved in working with HPAPIs, this conference will provide real-world case-studies from the companies actively working on these compounds, enabling you to implement safe and robust practices in your own organization.

More info : www.hpapi-summit.com