A simple, efficient, cheap and broadly applicable system for the carboxylation of benzylic bromides with carbon monoxide and water


Upon simple reaction with only 2.5 wt% of Pearlman’s catalyst and 10 mol% of TBAB in THF at 110 °C for 4 hours, a range of benzylic bromides can be smoothly converted to the corresponding arylacetic acids in good to excellent yields after simple extraction and acid-base wash.

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Graphical Abstract

Authors: Pierre-Georges ECHEVERRIA; Anne-Marie Wakuluk Machado; Damien Félicien Dewez; Hajar Baguia; Miguel Imbratta; Gwilherm Evano

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Minakem Recherche, 145 Chemin des Lilas, 59310 Beuvry la Forêt, France
Source: Org. Process Res. Dev., December 2019

DOI: Publication Date (Web): December 2019
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