We never compromise on safety. We focus on prevention to design and operate safe plants worldwide and to transport, to handle and to store our products safely. We respond to emergencies by being well prepared at all times on all production sites.

Emergency response

With our Emergency Response Management System, we are well prepared to take professional action if events occur.

Our expertise includes safe product handling in case of an emergency situation.

The protection of facilities, know-how and sensitive information is a component of our corporate security’s set of tasks

Process safety

Process safety is a key element of safe and efficient production.

When we design and operate our plants, we focus on prevention and evaluate all aspects of health, safety and environmental protection prior to starting any new synthesis process.

Our own guidelines and requirements regarding process safety regulate the safe design, construction and operations of our plants through specific methods and procedures. Our experts identify and assess possible risks during the design process of new operations or new processes; they define corresponding safety measures. We apply the Seveso Directive on all our sites, being classified Seveso or not.

Each employee is responsible for working safely at all times and must comply with all applicable environmental and occupational health and safety laws and regulations, as well as with the corresponding corporate policies and rules. All managers have the duty to instruct, supervise and support their team in living up to this responsibility.

Distribution and transport safety

We want to ensure safe transport, handling and storage of our products. We want to achieve this through reliable logistics partners, global standards and an effective organization. Customers expect that the products they have ordered are delivered punctually and in the correct amount and quality.

Facts and Figures

We follow strict KPI’s that are used to monitor, identify trends and develop opportunities for improvement.

Training and prevention

These values are considered the cornerstone of our risk management approach.