The health and safety of all humans is of utmost importance. According to the principle of Responsible Care, we act responsibly to protect and preserve our employees’, neighbours’ and business partners’ health.

Minakem is actively participating in and following-up on the evolutions of European requirements, rules and laws and constantly striving to improve procedures and processes to minimize our environmental impact and prevent health risks.

However, if incidents or plant malfunctions nevertheless occur, the relevant corporate units must be immediately and comprehensively informed. The goal is to initiate the appropriate emergency response and damage repair measures as promptly and as precisely as possible, and to follow up with rigorous root cause analysis and comprehensive preventative/corrective actions.

How does Minakem implement and manage these principles?

EHS Policy

We respect the European EHS regulation and translated to our local reality.

Sustainability Management

The notion of sustainability can only be effective if it is firmly integrated into organizational and management systems. We have created structures to promote sustainable business activities – from strategic planning to implementation.

To assess sustainability issues, we examine our internal and external stakeholders’ expectations and requirements, we analyze issues that could represent opportunities or risks for our operations.

Sustainable development has been defined as the balance between 3 pillars:  economic success, ecological protection and social responsibility.

Responsible Care Management System

Minafin’s Responsible Care Management System comprises the global rules, standards and procedures for environmental and health protection, safety and security for all the steps along our value chain.

Minakem takes part in this voluntary chemical industry initiative. The objective of continuous improvement in the areas of environmental protection, health and safety is integrated into the Minafin management system.

Responsibility along the value chain

We take our worldwide product stewardship responsibilities very seriously. We continuously work to ensure that our products pose no risk to people and the environment when used responsibly and in an intended manner.

Occupational Medicine and Health Protection

We ensure safe working conditions to protect employees, contractors and neighbors.

Environmental protection

Our efficient processes preserve the environment, since we conserve resources and reduce emissions.

Ongoing Communication with stakeholders

Corporate Security

We protect our employees, business partners, sites and the company knowledge against influence by third parties.

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